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About Al-Hijaab Islamic Clothing

Based in UK, Al Hijaab Islamic Clothing creates jilbabs with a modern fashion statement, continuously keeping to the rules of modesty and have since happily provided a service to clients throughout the world.

We, at Al Hijaab, are here to find the best outfits and to continue designing and producing many more lines of exquisite Islamic clothing. Blessed with a wealth of creative designers and tailoring experience lead us to commit to creating such designs that match today's modern era of fashion.

With this in mind and inspired by the saying of our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) that “Allah is Beautiful and loves Beauty” we first began retailing to the Muslim community in Bradford in Ramadan/October 2003. In line with this hadith our aim is not to simply offer to you every Islamic garment that we can get our hands on but to offer you truly beautiful yet modest Islamic clothing that boasts superior quality and design at reasonable and affordable prices.

Established in 2003 we have had many years experience in the Islamic Clothing market and have since been providing individuals with exquisite jilbab designs and have progressed onto creating fitted workshops, experienced tailors and designers dedicated to help clients find the perfect outfit for any occasions. The expert staff ensures clients are happy and aim to get a helpful result out of every experience. Our service is intended to help the Muslim era of today find an outfit that is both modern and still modest over time.

Al Hijaab has a satisfied network of clients, living throughout the world, including countries such as UK, USA, France, Spain, Singapore, Honk Kong, China and many more. We have produced various collections specifically designed jilbabs for the modern Muslim women of today; each elegant jilbab is manufactured individually by the skilled tailors whom are working to the highest quality standards. Available from our retail store and our online Islamic store, the products are reviewed upon by many of our customers, giving you their honest thoughts.

As well as clothing for men, women and children we also stock a wide variety of accessories, gift and essential Islamic items ranging from books and audio to halaal sweets and perfumes. Many of the items which we sell in our store can also be offered at wholesale rates for those purchasing in large quantities.

Al-Hijaab store - Bradford
Al Hijaab Islamic Clothing Al Hijaab Islamic Clothing Al Hijaab Islamic Clothing Al Hijaab Islamic Clothing
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Exlusive Designs

Alhamdulillah we now design and produce our own lines of exquisite Islamic clothing. With our produced range of jilbab collection, we have had many clients who needed the extra alterations to sizes for that perfect fitting. We thus decided to offer our collections so clients could tailor these to their sizes.

From simple alterations to complete jilbabs and thobes you can trust Al-Hijaab to provide a flawless tailoring service which means perfectly cut designs made from quality fabrics that make you look and feel exquisite. Our tailors have a long history (over 17 years) of delivering high quality made to measure clothing time after time and as a result have established a large list of private and commercial clients. A satisfied client is the best recommendation and new clients usually come to us through word of mouth from our existing customers. Alhamdulillah we can now offer this as a worldwide service.

Our tailoring service section explains in further detail our made to measure tailoring service and explains clearly and simply how to measure yourself correctly for that perfect fit.

We hope that you find your shopping experience with us effortless and pleasurable. If you cannot find what you are looking for on our site, contact us and one of our staff will assist you with your query or concern. We always welcome your feedback and ask that you do not hesitate to contact us with your queries, comments or suggestions.

Jazakallahu Khairan



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We at Al-Hijaab, feel that your views are fundamental to our growth and improvement as a company. Therefore, we encourage you to give us your feedback (ideas, suggestions and comments) that you deem necessary.

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