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Is Al-Hijaab Expensive?

Occasionally, we receive emails from visitors to the Al-Hijaab website informing us that they feel that Al-Hijaab prices are too high. We are sympathetic to this point of view. However, Al-Hijaab is an ethical producer of high quality, contemporary Islamic clothing; this naturally comes with a price. We have produced this short explanation in order to clarify what goes into producing high quality Islamic clothing.

1) Al-Hijaab is an ethical Islamic clothing company keeping all aspects of a workers needs and requirements in mind, guaranteeing worker rights regarding working hours, overtime, holidays etc. Workers continuously work on the work load they receive from us as well as work on Express Service orders hence the overtime they put into meeting the customers needs. The Express Service is when the customer wants a tailor made jilbab urgently (paying an extra sum - which goes to paying the overtime) their order is produced. Al-Hijaab tries to keep a religious work environment - not only do the staff pray regularly but visitors to our factory and offices are often surprised at the pleasant environment they find.

2) Al-Hijaab produces original, innovative designs specifically made with the Western Muslim in mind. Designing and creating original patterns is not an easy or cheap process by any means. It requires a talented team of designers and pattern cutters. The time and effort involved in producing any individual piece is longer than the average jilbab time, this is mainly because each garment is cut and sewn by hand, in addition to this the embroidery and stonework that goes into producing the design is done by hand. Which by now you could understand it does not merely take one hour but rather 3+ hours.

3) Al-Hijaab uses high quality materials, sourced from the top producers. Many of the garments are made with two layers, one for the lining underneath and the above out layer - many of our customers ask if the jilbab has two layers for the reason that it is not transparent in accordance to the rulings of Islam. In addition, Al-Hijaab makes great efforts to produce its garments according to the highest standards of sewing and general production quality and is always looking to improve its merchandise.

Al-Hijaab’s Islamic designs require a great deal of fabric in their construction. Fabric is the major factor in the cost of a garment. There are two main reasons why Islamic clothing utilizes up to double the amount of material compared with some of the alternative mainstream designs on the market:

a. Islamic clothing is full sleeved (especially for women) and, in the cases of jilbabs, full length, unlike mainstream designs which are often short-sleeved or sleeveless, or which show the legs. Our men's and women's tops are also much longer than typical mainstream designs.

b. Islamic clothing is cut much wider than normal designs to allow a modest fit which does not show the shape of the body.

Finally, customers point out the delivery charge as being too high. All out goods are shipped using Royal Mail - we could have opted for the cheapest possible service they offer but this did not cover any damage or loss while in transit, this in effect would have disappointed the customer. Although we did not choose the most expensive service out there, we went for the ceapest but the most reliable meaning that if your delivery was lost we could claim the loss for you and it would have a guaranteed delivery date. The cheapest delivery would take 5 working days within the UK never mind international delivery, but with the first class service we offer most of the time customers receive the delivery the very next day.

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We at Al-Hijaab, feel that your views are fundamental to our growth and improvement as a company. Therefore, we encourage you to give us your feedback (ideas, suggestions and comments) that you deem necessary.

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