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Product Customisation

Al-Hijaab.com brings you an exclusive online tailoring service for Islamic clothing.

Al-Hijaab Islamic Clothing provides a product customisation service on a selected range of Jilbabs and Abayas; at a small additional cost of 7 per item. By using our tailoring service you can choose a design from our range and have it made to the measurements you give us.

Over the time serving customers from many countries worldwide we understood our customers wanted that perfect size that fits them. Time and time we look everywhere but just can not find that perfect fitting and when we do anything we simply don't like it. Some would buy it anyway and make do but others would come to us!

Alhamdulillah, We launched our exclusive Online Tailoring Service years ago now and made it different from any other company. With us you get the choice to pick from our huge collection of elegant Jilbabs and be able to get the design you like tailored to your perfect size.

The steps are simple and easy:

Choose the design
Purchase it using the 'Tailor Made' size option
Fill in your measurements 

You'll need a measuring tape and a design you would like tailoring. Take measurements in inches or centimetres (if centimetres mention this in the comments section you are given on the tailoring form). Please provide the final measurements you would like your jilbab to be.

Delivery time for customised clothes can take aproximatly 4 weeks (but within 6 weeks), we will try and despatch your garment as soon as its ready and we will keep you updated with the progress. In many cases the jilbabs are posted less or more 4 weeks. If you need your jilbab tailoring quicker you can opt for our Express Service - (tailored in 3 weeks).

For more information about delivery times, please see our Al-Hijaab.com Shipping & Delivery page.

Express Service Delivery (3 weeks)
With our Express Service we will ask the tailor to work over time in tailoring your jilbab to get it completed and posted within 3 weeks, at an additional 10 (for 1 jilbab), 7.50 per jilbab (for 2 jilbabs), 5 per jilbab for any number of jilbabs above 3. This addition in cost will pay our tailors to work over time in getting your jilbab made and an express delivery to us from the tailor. Customers have asked why the tailors do not post directly to the customer - we have a strict policy to ensure only quality reaches the customer. Every jilbab that is posted out by us is checked 5 minutes before it is packed and we only post products which we feel are of high quality. Alhamdulillah, we have established Al-Hijaab as a superiour quality brand and intend to keep it at the top. The Express Service option is available on any jilbab - if you cannot find it send us an email infoal-hijaab.com.


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We at Al-Hijaab, feel that your views are fundamental to our growth and improvement as a company. Therefore, we encourage you to give us your feedback (ideas, suggestions and comments) that you deem necessary.

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